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What does Claviger Middle East as a Representation Company achieve that we may not?

Since the Travel and Trade markets in Claviger Middle East and Africa are complex and relationship driven, Claviger uses its excellent relationships that we have established over time in these markets, opening doors to key industry contacts that you may not have access to or can be difficult to reach.

We have a highly developed and targeted database, which allows us to update the market with your enables efficient issuing of product updates, mail pieces and press releases. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a strong market fit between your product and the target market, saving both time and money. 

How can I ensure that the services provided meet my budget and expectations?

Claviger Middle East has developed a unique services structure that enables you to choose from a range of one off projects to a fully tailored Sales and Marketing service plan. This also ensures that whatever level of budget you have, Claviger can offer some level of activity to either break into or launch your product in the Middle East and Africa markets.

To get in touch, fill in the form here and one of our representatives will contact you within 48 hours.

Who are the clients that Claviger Middle East is currently working with?

Claviger Middle East proudly represents several hotels, tourism boards, and theme parks around the world. View the current Claviger Middle East Collection here.

What will Claviger Middle East do against the Sales and Marketing Representation retainer?
  1. Working closely with a team which has a proven track record in building brands, setting up, and achieving Sales Funnels that convert.
  2. Our Sales associates work carefully with key tour operators and travel agents in the markets to increase market share through key account management and marketing activities.
  3. Sales missions across the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Egypt and Nigeria in Africa.
  4. Relevant market intelligence in real-time for your products to support in your offerings, including advising on the latest market trends and competitor analysis.
  5. Direct one-on-one access to Senior & Junior Management of the prospective companies in the Middle East and Africa markets.
  6. Organizing webinars for tour operators and travel agents, familiarization trips, and joint sales calls, Roadshows, and dinners.
  7. Elevate the presence of your product in the Middle East and Africa markets through activities with top trade and MICE agents to create customized campaigns to suit your strategy and business goals including in-office advertising and activations.
  8. Collaborate with top travel trade in the markets to promote your offerings in a co-marketing agreement through a Joint Marketing Program.
  9. Digital marketing deliverables with the aim of increasing your brand awareness in the Middle East and Africa markets and to support the Sales team to achieve their targets.
  10. Distribution of content amongst profound mailing list and mobile communication to travel trade and MICE contacts in the region.
  11. Presence of partner logo on Claviger Middle East’s Sales and Marketing Collateral and communications including website and monthly e-newsletters circulated to trade agents in markets covered.
  12. Presence on Claviger Middle East social media platforms including: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.
  13. Partner with top-tier influencers to visit and promote your property with the aim of creating and publishing content on their social media platforms that will cater to your marketing needs.

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